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Fair and friendly taxes to make your business grow

Income Tax0-10%0-10%
Corporate Tax10%10%
Income and Corporate taxes don't stack up. Combined, they are below 10%.
VAT (IGI)4.5%4.5%
Social Security474.85€/mo (self-employed, 2022)475

Don't just take our word for it. See how much taxes you would pay in Andorra!

This estimation assumes that you create your own company and work remotely from Andorra for a foreign client.

Set up a company and get your visa

For most entrepreneurs, freelancers or digital nomads the best option to start a business in Andorra is to create a new company here and apply to get your active residence.

  • 1
    Get a temporary ID (NIA)
  • 2
    Reserve your business' name
  • 3
    Get the foreign investment authorization
  • 4
    Create your company
  • 5
    Get the tax registration number (NRT) for your company
  • 6
    Apply for your visa

How much is this going to cost?

Request a custom quote with a detailed breakdown of all expenses. Transparent pricing. No hidden fees.

3,000Minimum initial capital (LLC)

This money goes straight into your company's account. You'll be able to use it later.

15,000AFA deposit (Active resident)

Active residents must make a 15,000€ deposit to the AFA (Autoridad Reguladora Financiera). If you ever leave Andorra or get the Andorran nationality, you'll get this back. The Government has recently announced this deposit will be increased to 50,000 (although with exceptions for professionals in the digital field).

8,000€-16,000Our fees for your single-member LLC and residency in Andorra

The final cost will depend on multiple factors: professional activity, billing volume, employees, investments, additional family members, other administrative procedures...

Additional services

There's even more we can do for you, your only worry will be deciding what to drink to celebrate your move to Andorra!

  • Tax and accounting
  • Administrative and HR management
  • Family office

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Most entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital professionals that work remotelly can quickly set up a LLC to start working from Andorra.

Liberal professionals such as lawyers, pharmacists, doctors, dentists, architects or engineers can also start their own business here.

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Life in Andorra

Andorra's unique and stable political framework, competitive taxes among the lowest in Europe, high level of public safety and crime rate among the lowest in the world, top healthcare systems and strategic location between Spain and France make Andorra an ideal place to live a better and longer life.

  • Competitive Tax System

    Corporate tax and personal income tax under 10%. General sales tax is 4,5%.

  • Dynamic Economy

    35.995€ GDP Per Nominal Capita, higher than the EU average. 1.7% unemployment rate, among the lowest in Europe.

  • International Investment

    Foreign investment has grown by approximately 500% in under a decade. Are you going to miss out?

  • Top Health System

    One of the best in the world. 95/100 Lancet's Healthcare Access and Quality Index.

  • Security

    5th in "political stability" and "no criminality" in the World Bank's report. Spain is in 31st place.

  • Nature & Outdoors

    Breath clean and "thinner" air and extend your life expectancy.

  • Connectivity

    94.5% of households have Internet connection via optical fiber at an average speed of over 300 MBPS.

  • Activities & Entertainment

    8 million visitors a year and plenty of sport and cultural events all year long. Your won't get bored.

  • EU

    Currently negotiating an association agreement with the EU, after years outside the lists of tax paradises.

Frequently asked questions

We know moving to a new country is not an easy decision, and you probably still have plenty of questions. We are more than happy to help, and we are actively working to bring you more valuable information to our website.

The only official language is Catalan, this being the most popular and the only one accepted in official communications, with some exceptions.

However, the second most popular language, by a small margin, is Spanish, this being the most frequent mother tongue.

Portuguese and French are also spoken by a small percentage of the population.

No, the OECD stopped considering Andorra a tax haven in 2018 and since then it has taken different steps to improve transparency in all areas, the fight against money laundering and the international homologation of its very competitive tax framework.

Yes, with an active residence, you are required to live most of the year in Andorra (183 days) and it is also important to be able to prove it, especially for those who are on the limit. There is also a passive residence (also called non-profit) that only requires you to live in Andorra for 3 months (90 days).

Definitely. Each person is free to live and work wherever they want, within the law. In addition, two important aspects should be highlighted:

On the one hand, once your residence has been modified, it will be your new country of residence the one providing you with the usual public services: education, health, unemployment benefits, pension, infrastructure... Therefore, it is logical that you pay your taxes there.

On the other hand, it would be reasonable to ask ourselves if all the public services that were provided to us in our home country were already paid for with the taxes we paid during the time we lived there. Although this is a complex issue that will depend on each particular case and on many different factors, it should be noted that all countries benefit from the talent of other countries to a greater or lesser extent. In other words, all countries lose talent that leaves before the investment made in them has been recovered and, at the same time, they benefit from talent from other countries whose development was paid for by others. Therefore, each country is responsible and sovereign to establish the policies it deems appropriate to attract the talent it needs at any given time or to stimulate the sectors of the economy that it considers strategic and most important for its production model.

Spain, for example, usually receives 2-6 times more immigrants each year than it contributes emigrants, considering only migratory movements within the EU. In addition, Spain reduces the corporate tax to 4% in the Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC) and between 2014 and 2019 granted around 600 Golden Visas in exchange for investments in real estate of at least € 500,000, which do not require living in Spain but grant a flat rate of 24% for the income generated in Spain to their beneficiaries. In addition, there is also a specific type of company for investments in real estate above € 5,000,000, known as SOCIMI, with a 0% corporate tax, meeting certain conditions.

Andorra, on the other hand, offers everyone and with much more accessible conditions, among many other advantages, a corporation tax and personal income tax that, combined, do not exceed 10%.

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